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The history of the 'Christstollen from Dresden'

The tradition of baking Christmas Stollen in Dresden goes back 610 years.

According to historians, the stollen was already being baked in 1400. At that time the Christmas Stollen was named 'Striezel' as a symbolic representation of the Christ Child wrapped in white swadding clothes.

This traditional pastry had given its name to the Dresdner Striezelmarket, first mentioned in the City Chronicle back in 1471. Stollen was created at the Saxon Royal Court in 1427 as a Christmas pastry. The ingredients of that time were flour, yeast, some oil and water. Preparation of the pastry had to be supervised by the Church Council. It was quite tasteless and flavourless since it was made without butter and other sweet ingredients, such as raisons, candied orange peel, candied lemon peel and almonds. Elector Ernst of Saxony and his brother Albrecht had to apply to the Pope Nikolaus V for an abrogation of the butter prohibition. Vatican bureaucracy was a hard test for Saxony bakers' patience. After the deaths of the popes. Pope Innocenz VIII sent a letter in 1491, known as the 'butter letter', to Dresden. It declared that richer ingredients were allowed. In return and in order to use milk and butter for the Christmas Stollen, bakers had to pay a 'fine'. The bakers produced a most delicious 'Strietzel'.

The Saxony Royal House was delighted about the produce. Since 1560 the Stollen bakers delivered one or two Stollen weighing 36 pounds to their ruler for the Holy Celebration. It required eight master bakers and eight journeymen carried it to the palace. August the Strong, elector of Saxony and King of Poland, exceeded all past Stollen demands.

On the occasion of the Zelthainer Lustlager, a legendary celebration for more than 23000 loaded guests, August the Strong ordered a Giant Stollen, weighing 1.8 tons from Baker master Zacharias. The event became the historical model for today's annual Stollen Festival, which take place in Dresden during December.

The quality of the taste of the Dresdner Christmas Stollen changed decisively down the centuries. High quality and taste to guarantee a yummy experience. Over the years the Stollen improved, much due to the growing prosperity within society which enabled bakers to refine their recipets using better and broader selections of ingredients. Even before World War II the Dresdner Christstollen was packed and exported in metal sheet boxes to North and South America and today gets sent all around the world.

There is a basic recipe for making original Dresdner Christmas Stollen, but each baker or confectioner has inherited their own closely family secrets to refine the taste. One thing is certain, professionalism, exquisite ingredients from distant lands and the addition of mysterious spices melt together into a masterful pastry.

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She went on to become a trained pastry cook and her cake, painstakingly prepared and nicely decorated, was very much in demand in this little town situated on the foot of the Erzgebirge.

The business developed and further branches opened in and around Chemnitz, the former East of Germany.

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